Friday: A fond farewell!

Today marked the students final day at CAE. Yet it was also one of the most action packed! In the afternoon the students enjoyed a trip up the cities river on a punt. The students themselves managed to do an excellent job guiding the boats as we avoided any unplanned falls into the river!


Later in the day everybody bid an emotional goodbye to each other and the social activities staff with a chocolate party. After eating far to much food everybody reflected on ab fun 3 weeks before leaving for the last time.

Thursday: Talent Show & Pizza Party

This afternoon the students performed in the CAE Talent Show. They did a wonderful job and are all very talented. The line up included: a well executed performance of the ‘Cup Song’ from the movie ‘Pitch Perfect’, another group performed a dance to the song ‘Tutti A Tavola’, they also sang ‘Viva La Vida’ and we even had some breakdancing. It was quite a spectacle! 😃


In the evening we had a Pizza Party- it was very yummy! 👌 The students (including the Italians) agreed that the staff made some good pizzas. Elena said she wanted to eat all of the pizzas 🍕 Overall the evening was very relaxed and the students had a chance to play table football, poker, pool and to chat with their friends at CAE.

Another good day at CAE 👍

Wednesday: Talent show and Sports

This afternoon everybody had a chance to display their crazy skills by preparing for CAE’s very own talent show! Everybody can look forward to some excellent performances from dancing to singing it promises to be a fantastic display of talent.

The activities continued in the evening as the students enjoyed sports night. With lots of different sports to pick from including football, tennis and badminton the students could show off their sports skills before relaxing with some well earned free time back on the school site!



Tuesday: Team Building & Shakespeare

Today was a beautiful afternoon for team building games in the garden. First we were split in to two groups and had to race the other group to the other side while popping balloons spread across our path along the way. We had to work together to move the skis (left, right, LEFT!) which was challenging and hilarious at times.

Next we had to build a bridge across the ‘water’ (the grass) so that we wouldn’t get eaten by ‘sharks’. We had to work as a team to get all of our team members across the garden. Both groups went head to head at the end and team 1 only just beat the other team.


This is us in the Fellow’s Gardens just before we watched Shakespeare’s play ‘As You Like It’. It was a bit hard to understand (thankfully we had studied it in class this morning) however we really enjoyed the play 😄


Monday: Arty Mayhem and Crazy Games

This afternoon, half of the students got creative in the kitchen while the other half created some arty t-shirts. The students who had a chance to cook last time got to paint t-shirts this time and vice versa. The group of students in the kitchen made some tasty cakes, as the staff can confirm since the students were kind enough to offer us some, yum!

In the evening, CAE challenged the students to play CAE’s Crazy Game. This is a board game which requires the three teams of students to complete challenges to move along the board. They were challenged to play games such as ‘Taboo’, ‘Pictionary’ and ‘Trivia’.

After the game was completed the group went outside to watch the Perseid meteor shower in the moonlight.

City Visit & CAE Olympics

Today the students were given free time to go and enjoy the beautiful city of Cambridge. They ate delicious food and went shopping – but sadly didn’t buy anything for the lovely CAE staff…

In the evening the students became CAE-Athletes in our Olympic Games. Although our opening ceremony wasn’t as grand or glamorous as Brazil’s our athletes definitely have more heart and competitive spirit… maybe a little too much competitiveness. (Yes, our badminton court is the right size!)

The games were Pool, Table Football, Ping Pong, and Badminton. The excitement was high, the energy intense, and the competition fierce. We asked the students to make teams of two and choose a country that was not in the T course.

South Africa took home the Gold with Malta as a close second taking the Silver, followed by Jamaica winning a bronze. Who knew these countries were so good at Ping Pong and Badminton? The CAE students, that’s who.



Another great day at CAE!

Saturday: Thorpe Park

Today we went to Thorpe Park home to some of the best rollercoasters in Britain! There was something for everyone, from the terrifying ‘Swarm’ to the tame ‘Storm in a Teacup’ as well as the wet and wild ‘Tidal Wave’.

001Going to Thorpe Park was a great opportunity to spend time with our friends at CAE and after a fun day out we had a nap on the bus journey back.002

Friday: Laser Tag

This afternoon we went to Peterborough to play laser tag. After three laser battles it was clear that the winning team was the red team. However that didn’t matter because we all had a good time 😃


In the evening we had a quiz but not just any ordinary quiz- we played Buzz! This was fast paced quiz game on PlayStation 2 which involved winning points, stealing points and bonus rounds. Things got very competitive and we were having so much we forgot to take pictures.

Thursday: Cinema Trip

After a hard days work this afternoon on their London academic trip students had a chance to relax and watch a new film on a cinema trip. Students and social activities staff both enjoyed the film ‘Finding Dory’ and we are sure a few tears were spotted by the end!


Returning to the school everyone had a chance to unwind further with free time to play in the banana club. Everybody had fun playing pool, table football or socialising and practicing their English.


Wednesday: Swimming and International Night

Today was a day of swimming and snacks as the students enjoyed and afternoons swimming and cooked some delicious food in this evenings international night! The trip to the swimming pool was enjoyed by all as students enjoyed diving, swimming and sliding in the pool and it’s slides.


Returning to the school we got straight to work preparing food for the international evening. Everyone worked incredibly well to make some fantastic food from lasagne to schnitzel everyone was very happy with their creations!