Thursday: Talent Show & Pizza Party

This afternoon the students performed in the CAE Talent Show. They did a wonderful job and are all very talented. The line up included: a well executed performance of the ‘Cup Song’ from the movie ‘Pitch Perfect’, another group performed a dance to the song ‘Tutti A Tavola’, they also sang ‘Viva La Vida’ and we even had some breakdancing. It was quite a spectacle! 😃


In the evening we had a Pizza Party- it was very yummy! 👌 The students (including the Italians) agreed that the staff made some good pizzas. Elena said she wanted to eat all of the pizzas 🍕 Overall the evening was very relaxed and the students had a chance to play table football, poker, pool and to chat with their friends at CAE.

Another good day at CAE 👍

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