What have our T3 students taken part in so far…??

Bowling in Cambridge

bowling (2) bowling (8)

bowling (4) bowling (7)

The Great British Bake Off!

cooking (1) cooking (5) cooking (3)

cooking (4)  cooking (2)  cooking (8)

Working together on the Egg Catapult challenge

Egg catapult (1)Egg catapult (6) Egg catapult (16) Egg catapult (17)

Egg catapult (24) Egg catapult (25) Egg catapult (27)



Students having a fantastic time at Go Ape!!

 go ape (3) go ape (4) go ape (5)

go ape (2) go ape (6)  go ape (10) go ape (12) go ape (13) go ape (14) go ape (15) go ape (16) go ape (18)

 Fun evenings together at CAE

in cae (12) in cae (13) in cae (16) in cae (17) in cae (19) in cae (35) in cae (45) in cae (50) in cae (52) in cae (53) in cae (55)

Explore London!


london academic (4) london academic (10) london trip (1) london trip (2) london trip (3) london trip (5) london trip (10) london trip (13)

Evening activities – Quiz Night!


quiz night (5) quiz night (7) quiz night (8) quiz night (15)

quiz night (12)quiz night (9)quiz night (11)

Team Building Exercises


 team building (2)team building (1)team building (3) team building (7) team building (10) team building (14) team building (15)

What a great few weeks it has been for our T3 students, lots of fun activities, making friends from around the world and learning lots of English too 🙂

T3 Welcome!

On Monday we welcomed our third teenage homestay course, T3!

Here is the group photo, with their teacher Rob.

We have a great mix of nationalities on this course, see the photos below, where the students are from 🙂

T3 2015

Abdul Al Kalbani

Adbul from Oman

Lina Steinbach

Lina from Germany

Nikolay Pavalaki

Nikolay from Russia

Patrick Romanos

Patrick from Lebanon

Rut Larsson

Rut from Sweden

Suleyman Zeybekci

Suleyman from Turkey

Xiuqi Luo

Xiuqi from China

Zad Abi Fadel

Zad from Lebanon

T2…your best bits :)

Here is just a selection of photos from some of the fun things you took part in while you were at CAE…


Baking (1) Baking (2)




Circus skills (1) Circus skills (2) Circus skills (3)


Disco (1) Disco (2)


Egg Catapult (1) Egg Catapult (2) Egg Catapult (3) Egg Catapult (4)


Games Evening (1) Games Evening (2)


International night (1) International night (2) International night (3)




Lazer Force


London (1) London (2) London (3) London academic (1) London academic (2)


Thorpe Park (1) Thorpe Park (2)


Week 2 – Exploring London and enjoying the sun (in England!!)


Having tea and scones in Granchester

We’ve had another lovely week here in Girton. The weather has been fantastic so we’ve spent a lot of time outside and we visited London twice.

In London we saw all the famous places like Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Tate modern gallery, Buckingham palace and went shopping in Borough market and Oxford street.

Here at school, we studied hard, made music videos and practised speaking in class with our classmates from other countries.

Out of lessons we enjoyed activities in the afternoons and evenings and had some free time to relax with our friends.

Here are some of the pictures from this week (I’ll add more soon!)

004 006 009 020 070 076 077 078 086 087 129 130 131 136 142 145 146 148 162 169 170


We have 22 teenage students from 8 countries here at the moment.

They arrived here on Sunday. They are all settling in well and making new friends already.

Here they are in their classes with their teachers

Rob’s Class

Neide’s Class

Bryony’s Class