First Day Fun!

Last night we all had fun meeting each other and enjoyed a traditional British Barbecue. Traditional & British because the sun decided to disappear. That having been said it did not rain but stayed warm. Students enjoyed the food that was expertly cooked by the Social Activities Staff and then played games in the school garden to help them get to know each other. After a bit of nervousness at the start eventually everyone played and had fun.

The next day (today) all students made it into school for the first day of teaching in their classes which went well. In the afternoon some students decided to play basketball but the majority decided to cook English Muffins and cakes. This went well and even some of the teachers were allowed to have some! They were left wanting more!!!


Safe, Sound & Raring to Go!

After a busy day settling in with homestays in Girton and Oakington the students came to school looking forward to their first day. We have new and familiar faces on the course and after lunch they had a trip into the city centre with the Social Activities Staff. They were showed the sights of the city such as Kings College, Trinity College, the Senate House and given information about where to buy the best souvenirs for their family. Hopefully there may be some surprises for family members when they all return home.