So far in 2017….

It’s Spring here in Girton and we are enjoying a beautiful sunny day!

We’ve had a really busy year so far with lots of groups of teenagers coming to study here on our young learner group courses.

Here are a few pictures of our groups…

January 2017CIMG8764

This is our beautiful group from Argentina, Brazil and Chile who stayed with us for 4 weeks in January.

They were happy, funny, hard-working students and we LOVED having them here!

We took the students to Princess Helena College, a typical English boarding school, where they joined the students in their lessons and got a chance to chat to the students at lunchtime.

It was a lovely day.


March 2017

Last week we had a group of students from Denmark.

They spoke English really well and were such enthusiastic students. They spoke English all the time – even out of class!! We studied lots of topics including British life and culture, inventions, graffiti and music. I enjoyed teaching them so much.


We also had a large group of Italian students from Naples. They were studying IGCSE Geography and had a very intensive week studying earthquakes and volcanoes. They worked so hard! Out of class the group were lively, fun and LOUD! But we had so much fun with them.

Here they are with their teachers.


more groups are here at the moment… I’ll update you soon……

Thai Party!

We had a fantastic Thai Party on Wednesday evening!

Here are some students preparing the food 🙂

Students practising Thai boxing for the evening performance.

 The evening started with some Thai dancing.

Then the boys performed the boxing.

And we heard some Thai music performed by some of our students.

The evening finished with some delicious food 🙂

Thank you to our Thai group for a great evening!


Having fun in our homestays

Our 23 Thai students live with local homestay hosts here in Girton. They spend a lot of time in the home and enjoy the chance to get to know English families and put their English into practice.

“It was Easter Sunday. We and Eliza decorated the Easter hats. It was fun.”

Bam and Maesa,  Easter 2016



V&B Thailand Teenage Homestay 2016

A very warm welcome to our new group from Thailand! 🙂Thai Wordle

Our students have almost finished their first week here at CAE and they have already taken part in lots of exciting things! Excursions to Great Yarmouth, Norwich and Cambridge as well as an afternoon tea party and bin bag ball!

Here is a photo of the classrooms, where our students will be working hard on their English.


Kamiya Courtyard

Students during lessons and working on their Portfolios.

Liceo Moro Group 2016

Last week we had a 1 week Italian group here at CAE! It was an intense week of studying and learning English, along with Excursions, Social Activities and a great Italian party!

Here are some photos of the groups best bits!

Liceo Moro 2016

Keep in touch and see you again next year 🙂


Goodbye to our wonderful South American Group

Last Friday we had to say goodbye to our South American group 😦

It has been a fantastic 4 weeks, with lots of English learnt and lots of fun! Here are some photos of you working hard in your class groups.

On Friday it was the end of course presentation, where you received your certificates

You got to show the great work you have produced during your time at CAE

A big THANK YOU to your fantastic Group Leaders!

We will miss you!