Tuesday: Sports and Bowling

Today students had a chance to embrace their sporty side. In the afternoon we walked to the village field for sports afternoon. Everyone had a chance to show off their talents, teamwork and English as everybody joined in a group game of rounders!


In the evening the students and the social activities staff travelled into town for a game of bowling. After some warm up karaoke everyone showed their skills and had a fun day to remember.

Monday: Alibi ‘Murder Mystery’ Continued

Today the we continued our exciting murder mystery activity. In the afternoon the students travelled into town to gather ‘evidence’ that they had not been at the school including photos, bus tickets and shopping receipts.


In the evening everyone returned to the school to face trial in front of the social activities team who were the judges! The group’s stories were compared as they faced questions ranging from where they were at a certain time to the bus drivers shoe size as the ‘guilty’ student was found!

Sunday: Alibi ‘Murder Mystery’

This evening students were in for a surprise as they arrived at the school to find the social activities team dressed as police officers and a fake crime scene set up. The social activities team explained that over the next two days students would take part in an exciting murder mystery game!


Tomorrow we will travel into town so the students can gather ‘evidence’ to prove their innocence. Afterwards the students will be face a mock trial,  answer some (not so serious) questions and the ‘guilty’ student will be found!

Saturday: London


Today we went to London! We had an early start and first visited Greenwich, where the students saw the Meridian line (where GMT is set) and enjoyed a beautiful view of London.

Then, by boat we travelled along the Thames to Westminster. The sun was shining and the students sunbathed on the open top boat.

We finally walked around the Houses of Parliament (and Big Ben, Westminster Abbey etc) and then up to Buckingham Palace. We ended the day enjoying some shopping in Covent Garden and Oxford Street.


Friday: Grantchester and Games Night!

This afternoon students and the social activities staff enjoyed a trip to Grantchester.Everyone was able to taste some classic English scones (with cream and jam of course!) and tea. After lunch we all headed over to a large field to play some games including a large group game of football.


After arriving back at CAE it was time for more games as we began games night. Students enjoyed a mixture of indoor and outdoor games in an excellent chance to build friendships and practice their English!

Blind date?

They say love is blind. Tonight the students proved to us it is also deaf and crazy. This evening we played a game in which one student sat behind a screen and asked questions to his or her potential love connections. The twist? The love connections were dressed in crazy clothes and gave zany answers.

A great time was had by both students and staff, and a lot of embarrassing memories were made.

In the afternoon the students did some research for the upcoming international night. They divided themselves into teams and planned to make food or showcase something from their culture.



Wednesday: Scavenger Hunt and Disco

This afternoon students took part in a scavenger hunt. This task allowed them to learn their way around the village and locate important places such as the Church and Doctor’s surgery. With a list of tasks to complete including items to find and places to locate the two teams of students and social activities staff raced each other to a draw!



In the evening we all travelled outside CAE for an enjoyable disco night. The music was loud, the students smiles were wide and their dancing…interesting!

Cupcakes, creativity and… catapults?

Today was a creative day for the students. In the afternoon they were split into two teams. Half of them designed and painted t-shirts and bags while the rest baked some delicious cupcakes they later shared with everyone.



In the evening we experienced a beautiful Girton sunset and the students made competed who could make the greatest egg catapult.



Monday: Cambridge and BBQ

Today was the first day of our new students CAE experience. In the afternoon our first activity was a brief tour of Cambridge visiting a few famous and important landmarks such as King’s College.Everyone was given some free time to explore Cambridge and seemed to love their first experience.

After the exciting trip students returned to the school for a welcome BBQ. The rainy weather failed t0 spoil the day as the students enjoyed eating food, playing games and getting to know each other!

Thursday: Talent Show and Pizza Party

This afternoon our talented students showed off their skills in CAE’s very own talent show. After a brief practice session students performed their acts brilliantly. Included in the performances was a fantastically sung and performed version of the ‘cup song’ and a light-hearted musical about the students time here at CAE!


Students enjoyed a well earned rest after their excellent displays with a pizza party. Lots of pizza was eaten and sports played as students had a day to remember.