Wednesday: Talent Show and Cinema

Today students prepared for their very own talent show. In groups students discussed some ideas on what to perform to show off their wide range of talents. With the extremely talented group we have everyone, including the social activities staff, can’t wait to see the performances tomorrow!

After dinner the group head into town with the social activities staff to the cinema. The action filled film caused a lot of excitement as a great day came to it’s end.




Tuesday: Sports & International Night

Following an afternoon of Sports, this evening, CAE students celebrated ‘international night’ by cooking dishes native to their countries for students and staff to try. The kitchen was a little crazy but the students created an impressive spread of dishes, including French crepes, Spanish omelette & gespacho, Italian pasta, a Slovakian potato dish and Swiss (Toblerone) mousse. Both the students and social activities team enjoyed creating and then eating the food!


Monday: International Night Plan

This afternoon students discussed a variety of ideas for their International Evening! This is where students will display something from their countries to each other with a show of language or lots of delicious food.

Later in the evening students relaxed by playing a mixture of fun games. We headed outdoors to unwind after a lot of hard work earlier in the day and fun was had by all.

Karaoke Night

Today was a relaxing day at CAE. During the day the students had free time to visit central Cambridge and do some shopping.

In the evenings the students returned to CAE to enjoy some chilled card games, pool, karaoke and quiz night!

Thorpe Park

Today the students went to Thorpe Park. A theme park in London. The weather was lovely and they where able to enjoy a day in the sun shine. The heat made water rides very enjoyable and although the queues where long the rides where worth it!

After a long day the students returned home exhausted.



Friday: Laser Force and Quiz!

Today students took part in an exciting trip outside of CAE to play a game of laser force. Everyone split into two teams and had great fun shooting each other (and the staff) with lasers! The red and green teams used great teamwork for the entire day and had a fantastic trip.

In the evening the competition continued with a quiz. The teamwork seen earlier in the day was seen again as students worked together excellently to show off their sports and trivia knowledge and build huge spaghetti-marshmallow towers!

Thursday: CAE’s Crazy Game!

This evening students enjoyed a round of CAE’s very own crazy game. This was a race to win as many mini-games as possible including charades, taboo, humming popular songs and trivia questions.


The three teams of students created some hilarious moments for each other in a very fun and competitive game filled with crazy acting, excellent singing and lots of laughter!

Wednesday: Swimming and Blind Date

Today the students travelled into town so they could enjoy an afternoons swimming. The hot weather made for an ideal days swimming as students were able to relax in the pool and have fun.


In the evening students and the social activities team took part in a hilarious ‘blind date’ activity. Some crazy costumes were seen and met with even crazier question and answers!To end the day we all moved outside to play some more exciting sports based games in a day that was enjoyed by all.

Arts, cooking and Shakespeare

In the afternoon the students split into two groups and either baked cupcakes or made T-shirts. Both groups where very creative, coming up with some amazing designs!

In the evening the students had the option of going into Cambridge city centre to watch A Midsummer Night’s Dream in King’s college gardens. They all really enjoyed the open air theatre. Those that stayed behind had a relaxed movie night and played some ping pong!


Murder court case

Today the students went to town to collect evidence of their whereabouts during the time of Stevie’s murder.

Later in the evening a court session was held to identify the murderer. The students where questioned and their alibis compared. Some students suspiciously didn’t have enough evidence to prove their innocence. After much deliberation the murderer was caught!