Tuesday: Team Building & Shakespeare

Today was a beautiful afternoon for team building games in the garden. First we were split in to two groups and had to race the other group to the other side while popping balloons spread across our path along the way. We had to work together to move the skis (left, right, LEFT!) which was challenging and hilarious at times.

Next we had to build a bridge across the ‘water’ (the grass) so that we wouldn’t get eaten by ‘sharks’. We had to work as a team to get all of our team members across the garden. Both groups went head to head at the end and team 1 only just beat the other team.


This is us in the Fellow’s Gardens just before we watched Shakespeare’s play ‘As You Like It’. It was a bit hard to understand (thankfully we had studied it in class this morning) however we really enjoyed the play 😄


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