City Visit & CAE Olympics

Today the students were given free time to go and enjoy the beautiful city of Cambridge. They ate delicious food and went shopping – but sadly didn’t buy anything for the lovely CAE staff…

In the evening the students became CAE-Athletes in our Olympic Games. Although our opening ceremony wasn’t as grand or glamorous as Brazil’s our athletes definitely have more heart and competitive spirit… maybe a little too much competitiveness. (Yes, our badminton court is the right size!)

The games were Pool, Table Football, Ping Pong, and Badminton. The excitement was high, the energy intense, and the competition fierce. We asked the students to make teams of two and choose a country that was not in the T course.

South Africa took home the Gold with Malta as a close second taking the Silver, followed by Jamaica winning a bronze. Who knew these countries were so good at Ping Pong and Badminton? The CAE students, that’s who.



Another great day at CAE!

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