Fashion Kings & Queens!

Yesterday evening the students at CAE were in high spirits and highly energetic after their afternoon cake making activity.

The Social Activities Staff set them a task that would test their creative brains. The students had to create clothes from a set of items and materials given to them. They were split into groups of four and asked to create 4 items of clothing.

1 – Something for the Summer

2 – Something for the Winter

3 – Something a British person might wear

4 – Something they can choose for themselves.

They were asked to make these clothes out of bin bags and other assorted decorations. Some made belts and ties and some wrote Louis Vutton or Gucci on their clothes to give their clothes a higher price tag. As you can see in the pictures, the results were impressive.

Back to reality though this morning as students were hard at work on their portfolios however this afternoon we will be preparing for the annual Girton Feast in the village. This takes place every year in the village and the whole village comes together in the spirit of community and residents take part in games and activities organised by the school and other local organisations. See the next blog post to see what happens…


To be continued…

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