What a week!

What. A. Week!

Last week we welcomed the students to Girton and Cambridge.

We welcomed the students last Monday with a tour around Cambridge seeing the sights such as Kings College and The Senate House and of course some souvenir shopping. In the evening the students came to school to enjoy a barbecue cooked by the social activities staff. It was a good chance for everyone to meet each other and have a chance to talk about their background and their interests. Its safe to say that a good night was had by all!

Throughout the week the students have been engrossed in lessons and enjoying activities. We have been cooking, swimming and having traditional British Cream Tea in the picturesque village of Grantchester not to mention the Pizza Party and a visit to a residential school to meet students from China and beyond.

While we could write all day about the activities please feel free to browse the gallery because as they say, ”a picture tells a thousand words”.

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