T3: Cambridge Orientation and Welcome BBQ

Yesterday was a wonderful first day at CAE for our teenage students, who spent the afternoon exploring Cambridge with their leaders, and learning facts about the beautiful, historical city.

In the evening, CAE hosted a welcome barbeque for the teenage students, as well as the new adult students. Despite the rain, burgers and sausages were enjoyed all round, and the evening ended with some team building games in the garden.

Students and staff alike all went to bed with full stomachs and excitement for the next three weeks… Stay tuned to find out what else we get up to for the rest of the course!!!!!

Peterborough Excursion

All our T-Course students had a very good time in Peterborough!

We started off the day with some Laser Tag which was enjoyed by all, then headed to the beautiful Cathedral in the centre of the city for a tour (Catherine of Aragon is buried there!!). Then everyone headed out to do some shopping!

The students might have some presents for their parents!!

Check it out below!

CAE’s Crazy Game!

After a fun filled afternoon of Swimming at the Parkside pool in central Cambridge, who knows what the evening held for our international teens…


It was the CAE Crazy Game!

Everyone had a great time joining in the madness of several different games at the same time! Everyone was on their feet shouting out answers and laughing along with the ridiculous guesses!

Check it out below!



Cooking & Arts Afternoon

All the students had an enjoyable time yesterday afternoon with a spot of baking and decorating some t-shirts for themselves!

Some were preparing for their evening of culture with a live performance of Hamlet in St. John’s College Gardens while everyone else geared up for a DVD Night in CAE!

Here’s some pictures!

Thorpe Park

Another Saturday, another excursion to Thorpe Park! All the students were raring to go and pump their bodies full of adrenaline with all the rides they could get their hands on!

You can tell by some faces that they really didn’t want to stop for a picture!


The Potato Challenge

The Potato Challenge was a popular hit activity with the last set of Summer students so everyone was looking forward to it!

Everyone exchanged their potato’s for fun items (however there were no suitcases found this time around!) except one group who couldn’t even give their potato away!

Check out the pictures below!

I think the drawing wins this round!