Girton Scavenger Hunt

All the students had a fantastic time getting to know their new home here in Girton with a good ole Scavenger Hunt!

Places hunted included the sports recreation ground (The Park), the local doctor’s surgery and the local supermarket!

No one should get lost on the way to school now!!

T2 Team Building

All the teenagers had to work together to complete the tasks given to them by our summer activities team!

They all did amazingly well and spoke English to each other for the entire activity which is fantastic progress for only a few days into the course!

Check out the pictures below!

T2: The Beginning!

All the students arrived for T2 on Sunday and so it begins again!!

Their first day in Cambridge consisted of an Orientation of Cambridge City Centre followed by a lovely BBQ on the CAE grounds!

Some great ice-breaker games, led by our fantastic staff, really helped everyone settle into their new group of friends and made the evening very funny for all involved!

Let the fun continue with the rest of T2! Keep up to date with us to follow the fun!

The Last Day: Chocolate Party

In the evening of the last day, the students got to indulge in some chocolate fountains!

There may have also been some tears and heartfelt goodbyes from all the students and even the staff! Everyone bonded across the three weeks in CAE and everyone involved had so much fun!

It was a pleasure hosting you all from T1! We hope to see you again soon!

The Last Day: Punting

As T1 comes to a close, the last day in Cambridge was jam-packed with fun activities!

There was first a ceremony of certificates from the teachers and the summer activities staff, then the group headed to the centre of Cambridge to go Punting on the River Cam!

Everyone enjoyed floating along the river peacefully in the summer sun and luckily no one fell in the river!

International Party!

Yesterday evening was a night of amazing food, fun competitions and a whole lot of cooking!

Students from all cultures and both the adult and teenage courses worked very hard to make some marvellous meals for the staff, their classmates and even some homestay families!

And their efforts paid-off massively!

Some of these dishes included Hungarian Goulash, Russian Pancakes, Italian Pizza and Pasta, Columbian Pasties and Turkish Pastries!

Check out some pictures below!

The Potato Challenge

“What on Earth is the Potato Challenge?!” I hear you scream. Well…

Each group of students are given one potato and are tasked with trading this potato with unsuspecting members of the Cambridge public for interesting items. Whichever group comes back with the most interesting item/items wins the prize!

Sounds fun, right?!

Check out the fabulous items exchanged below!

P.S. The suitcase was the winner!

Other items found included a pizza, a subway sandwich and a minion…