Food Party Prep & Bowling

This afternoon the group got to work planning different dishes from home that they will prepare for tomorrows International Party…

Recipe planning was full on with Polish, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, and Italian dishes expected tomorrow!


In the evening we enjoyed a couple of games of Bowling at the Leisure Park……..


Murder Mystery Continued…

Yesterday afternoon students were given a map of Cambridge and some marked places to find the suspects for the murder mystery challenge. They then had to ask them questions and try to discover who was the murderer.

After dinner, the groups shared their information and guessed the murderer and they were right! After the mystery had been revealed, we played games and had some fun in the banana club until it was time for bed.


Murder Mystery

On Sunday, students had free time to explore the city centre and do some shopping. They bought some Cambridge souvenirs and enjoyed spending time together before returning to school for the evening activity.


When students arrived at school they discovered a crime scene! ‘Steve’ was found dead and the students are now detectives, and today it is their job to question the suspects and find out the truth!!!


Stay tuned to find out who did it….

Sunshine & Cream tea

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The sun was shinning in beautiful Grantchester this afternoon, where the group enjoyed traditional cream tea’s at The Orchard Tea Rooms, followed by a stroll along the river.

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To be or not to be

This afternoon students got creative in the kitchen/art room, designing and making some yummy cupcakes and some cool t-shirts!

In the evening, we were lucky enough to attend the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival. Some of the best plays are performed in the beautiful University gardens as the sun sets. The play was A Midsummer Night’s Dream and students and staff were enchanted by the great acting, hilarious storyline and incredible backdrop.





CAE Olympics and Disco Night

Yesterday afternoon was the CAE Olympics, which involved teams of two representing countries and competing in four different (unconventional) Olympic games – Table Football, Pool, Table Tennis and Connect Four! After a competitive knockout round of table tennis, Spain finished as the winners!


In the evening, the students and social activities staff attended an International Night Disco in Cambridge. Unfortunately we were too busy dancing to take many photos, but some of the students added some glitter to their outfits and sparkled the night away on the dance floor…


T3: Exploring our local surroundings

Through challenges, and scavenges the students discovered their new home. They counted the bus stops, took pictures of nice smelling things and scavenged for alphabet shaped twigs!

The Great Egg Catapult Challenge

Equipped with bamboo sticks, tape, and string, each group was challenged to make an egg catapult with only an hour to spare!

The  students used their innovation and engineering to structure powerful weapons of egg-stermination. And when the hour was up, the eggs flew higher than the chickens they came from!

To finish the evening, we played some of the group’s much loved games, including ‘Blood-potato’ and ‘Tangled’.