Farewell, T3!

On Friday we had our final day with the T3 students. Punting was planned but unfortunately the British weather lived up to its stereotype, and a storm meant we weren’t able to go on the river.

Instead students shopped (and probably bought some presents for their families!) and spent some time in the beautiful (and very wet) city centre.

After dinner, they returned to school for a chocolate party and some emotional goodbyes!


We are going to miss you all – thank you for a fun summer and we hope to see you soon!

Sports Evening

This afternoon the team went to the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge with their teachers, where they looked around and submerged themselves in art and historic artefacts.

Image result for fitzwilliam museum cambridge

After their educational trip, we went to a swimming pool in the centre of town where students spent the afternoon splashing around and zooming down the slides!

In the evening we played sports (badminton, football, volleyball and basketball) at the park as the sun set, and then returned to school to play some (indoor, warmer) games.


Dramatic Skies overlooking a Dramatic Badminton Game!


Basketball is even more fun when it’s getting dark and you can’t really see the ball…right?!

Team Building

The sun was shining yesterday afternoon, as were our students’ friendships, as they bonded over some tricky tasks in the garden here at CAE.

The first activity was to safely cross the ‘river’ using only four tires and three planks of wood, ensuring no-one falls in!

The second task was a race using ‘skis’ – everyone has to lift up their feet at the same time, otherwise the ski wont move!

The final task was herding blindfolded ‘sheep’ in to a pen using only a whistle – hard work but good fun!


After dinner we had a trip to the cinema to watch Spiderman Homecoming, and then went home for a restful sleep ready for the last few days of the course 😦




A Creative Afternoon and a Competitive Evening

Yesterday afternoon, the group split in half to get creative with some cooking and some art! The bakers made some colourful cupcakes (which I can promise taste as good as they look!), and the artists designed and decorated some beautiful tshirts.

In the evening, we played CAE’s crazy game. This is a mixture of Pictionary, Trivia and Charades, and of course it became very competitive! We ended the evening with some card games and poker.

A Chilled Sunday Evening

Today, students had some free time to shop and explore more of Cambridge, and then in the evening they came to school to chill out with their favourite social activities staff (who are definitely not writing this blog)!!!!

We played games in the garden until it got dark, and then some circle games inside. Everyone is tired from a busy week and excited for some sleep, and to see what the new week brings.

Peterborough Trip

IMG_1865[1].JPGFirst thing on Saturday morning, students went to Peterborough, a city near Cambridge. After a competitive game of Laser Tag, they visited the beautiful Cathedral, where they had a tour of the gardens, and even picked some fresh fruit!


After the tour, everyone enjoyed some shopping time (Primark and Poundland were popular amongst the students), and then we returned home to Cambridge for dinner.IMG_1874[1]Here’s a hilarious photo of Toby, one of the CAE staff, having a snooze on the journey home.


Trampolining and Quiz Night


This afternoon we went on an excursion to Xtreme 360 – a warehouse that has been converted into a trampoline park! We played dodgeball, wrestled each other and bounced the afternoon away.

We had great fun, although everyone was very tired by the end…



This evening, students went head to head in a fun quiz, and then chilled in the banana club. It was a relaxing end to a busy week, and the students are excited for a slight lie in tomorrow before going to Peterborough for the day.


Sports Afternoon and 60 Minutes

Finally, Girton saw some sunshine yesterday afternoon and we made the most of it by playing some sports at the local park.

In the evening we went into town to play 60 Minutes. Students are given 60 tasks to do in 60 minutes, for example things like ‘take a group selfie in front of Kings College’ and ‘high five 10 strangers’, and they have to take photos of everything as evidence! The groups completed many of the challenges and got some hilarious photos and videos to prove it…