Liceo Moro, February 2015

Liceo Moro 2015 (1) (Copy)

We had such a busy week here at CAE with our wonderful group of Italian students from Liceo Moro in Reggio Emilia

They were preparing for their FCE exam so we had a very intensive week of exam preparation. Lots of reading, listening, writing and use of English and, of course, lots of speaking!

All the students were so dedicated to their studies and we were so impressed by their enthusiasm and hard work. They were always smiling, even when they were doing really hard grammar exercises!!

It was a pleasure having them here at CAE and we hope that they can come back one day.

We all wish them lots of luck in their FCE exams – we know they’ll all do really well. 🙂

004 (Copy) 012 (Copy) 013 (Copy) IMG_7716 (Copy) IMG_7808 (Copy) IMG_7815 (Copy)


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