Our weekend in Scotland


Last weekend we visited Scotland and had a lovely time.

Here are a couple of anecdotes from our students about the trip.


Paulina Jensen VidalSo… my roommate and I woke up at 5am on Friday and silently left our home to take the bus to Edinburgh. It was very dark and I almost fell down the stairs!!

We stopped on the road to have breakfast and them continued our long trip.

When we got there it was late and I thought that we had free time to sleep but out teachers had other plans! We went on a Ghost Tour. It was more funny than scary, but we had a great time. It did scare a boy that was with us, he shouted like crazy! It was hilarious!

The next day we went on a bus to see different parts of the city. Edinburgh has so many things to do and see so when we had some free time we didn’t know where to start. My friends and I ate something fast so we had more time to explore. We went to the national art gallery where they had modern art paintings and it was inspiring and had a calm atmosphere.

Then we walked everywhere shopping and laughing. It was a lovely afternoon but after all that walking, my feet really hurt!

The other thing I loved was the breakfast at the hotel! There were lots of different options but the best were the waffles. The first time I tried they burnt but the second time I could do them and they were delicious.

We then had a long journey back to Cambridge but it was definitely worth it!

Jose Tomas MijacJose

We hopped off the bus at around 6pm after a long bus trip. We were all exhausted and we had all our energies focussed on looking for a place to eat and head straight to bed, but ‘surprise!!’ We had already booked a ghost tour in the old part of the city. I went without being exactly thrilled with the idea, but it was totally worth it!The tour itself was both funny and scary and the guide gave us a glimpse of the dark side of Scottish history, but with a slightly comical twist. I walked back to the hotel shivering a little, but with a whole new perspective of the city, which had suddenly acquired an utterly unique atmosphere.

The next day we had a city tour on the coach which took us to several sightseeing places for us to take photographs. My personal best shot of the trip was taken at the top of the hill, where I took a panoramic photo of the city coastline, with some neoclassical buildings that were next to us in the foreground.

Afterwards, we went to Edinburgh castle, an important building that sadly hosted a military museum which wasn’t very interesting.

Next, we headed to get lunch in the city and I went with a small group of girls who were looking for McDonald’s. After an hour of walking around without finding it, one of the girls decided to ask a homeless person where we could find a McDonald’s. We followed his directions which led to an office building called ‘McDonald’s Financial Services’!! The girl who asked the guy was so mad she took off her hat and threw it on the ground! The rest of us couldn’t stop laughing!

At the end of the day, we had a deep-fried mars bar and headed back to the hotel, preparing for our trip back to Cambridge.


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