T1 – International Evening

DSCF6080 (Copy)

Try some home-made sushi

We had a huge international party with all of the adult students and the local community. We cooked food, showed each other famous traditions and customs from our countries and made the people from the village feel welcome.

IMG_0362 (Copy)

Glitter tattoos and face painting


IMG_0324 (Copy)



DSCF6070 (Copy)


DSCF6071 (Copy)

Some little kids from the village

IMG_0334 (Copy)

Our host families and the local community were invited so that they could enjoy the international food, music and atmosphere

SAM_0715 (Copy)

A very scary boy from the village! (great face painting by Ginevra)

IMG_0323 (Copy)


IMG_0367 (Copy)

Thanks to Aser and Rachel for organising an unforgettable evening 🙂

SAM_0731 (Copy)

Hi Neide!!

SAM_0725 (Copy)

Learning how to write our name in Korean and Japanese

IMG_0321 (Copy) IMG_0328 (Copy) IMG_0354 (Copy) IMG_0353 (Copy) IMG_0355 (Copy) IMG_0338 (Copy) SAM_0714 (Copy) IMG_0363 (Copy) SAM_0706 (Copy)

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