T1 – Afternoon Activities

PR010714_724Afternoons here are full of activities: cooking, art, circus skills, sport, swimming, drama and lots more. It’s such a good chance to try new things and get to know each other (and have a great laugh too!)IMG_0061 (Copy) IMG_0075 (Copy)

IMG_0108 (Copy) IMG_0233 (Copy) - Copy IMG_0231 (Copy) - Copy IMG_0251 (Copy) - Copy IMG_0235 (Copy) - Copy IMG_0211 (Copy)  IMG_0067 (Copy)    IMG_0078 (Copy) IMG_0254 (Copy) - Copy


PR010714_740 PR010714_733 PR010714_776 PR010714_771 PR010714_751 PR010714_794

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