CAE’s visit to an English boarding school!

Yesterday our South American group visited an English boarding school, the Princess Helena College in Hertfordshire.


Our day started with a tour of the school and we then joined in with some lessons! We joined lessons in…History…German…French…Geography…English…Biology…and many more!

One of the favourite lessons was photography. Students had to take photos in and around the school, that would create an alphabet collage, their name or a certain word.

Our students took the cameras and explored…

Here is the work that our students produced:

We had lunch together, which was followed by a group activity with the PHC students.

In the afternoon we joined more lessons, before getting the coach back to Cambridge.

We were made to feel very welcome and it was a fantastic and very interesting day 🙂

Thank you to everyone at PHC!

CAE PHC Vistit (11)


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