Theresianum Group Classwork

Bryony’s Class

Last week in Bryony’s class the students were learning about graffiti and debating whether it’s art or vandalism. They looked at Banksy pictures and tried to find the messages behind the pictures.

CIMG7442 (Copy) CIMG7443 (Copy) CIMG7446 (Copy)

Rob’s Class

Rob’s class were studying a famous short story and looking at the vocabulary and meanings of the story. They were working together to read and talk about the story and then tell their own short stories.

CIMG7449 (Copy)CIMG7450 (Copy)CIMG7451 (Copy)

On Friday the students were learning about the history of London to prepare for their visit. They worked as teams to design and make a timeline of London’s history including lots of interesting facts.

WP_20150320_11_07_44_Pro WP_20150320_11_07_55_Pro WP_20150320_11_08_19_Pro

WP_20150320_11_09_19_Pro WP_20150320_11_09_06_Pro


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