November 2014

Hi Everyone.

We wanted to say hello to all our students and keep you up to date with life here at CAE.

We’re enjoying a beautiful Autumn and it’s starting to get cold. here are some photos of Cambridge at the moment.

bike bridge punt

Yesterday we all enjoyed the fireworks display in Cambridge to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night.

fire 3 fire2 fire

We’ve been printing lots of the photographs from this year and putting them in picture frames in the classrooms and we’re remembering all the fun we’ve had this year and all the new students we’ve met.

WP_20141106_15_13_04_Pro (3)

We’re looking forward to our next teenage course in January. We will be welcoming students from Brazil, Argentina and Chile and they will spend a month here learning English, visiting London, Cambridge and other famous places and maybe enjoying the snow!!

Most of you are probably studying hard at school and maybe doing exams. Are you still improving your English? I hope you’re practising a lot!!


Sometimes it’s difficult to keep practising English when you are at home but there are ways that might help you to improve. Here are a few suggestions:

Watch videos and listen to songs on YouTube. Look at the lyrics or subtitles and try to choose 5 new words from each song or video that you want to remember. Keep them in a journal or notebook and keep it next to your computer so that you can add to it every day.

  • Follow a blog or join a Facebook group about something you are interested in. For example, if you like horses read and blog about horses; if you like football read and blog about football; if you love chocolate read and blog about chocolate!! Remember, learning English shouldn’t just be about boring text books. Try to use English in interesting ways.

  • Keep in touch with the friends you made here. Have you sent them a message recently? You could write to them to say hello and catch up with all your news. Then you are practising your writing and also finding out about the people that you met here. If you want to connect to someone from a different country use our Facebook group to send a message and see if you can find a pen pal. There are people from 30 different countries in our group – you could make friends from all over the World.


It would be lovely to hear from you and find out what you are doing and how you are improving your English. You can message us on this blog or our Facebook page any time. We really love hearing from you.

Good luck with any exams you are doing and keep studying hard!

Best wishes

Bryony and the CAE team.

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