T2 – London calling – Academic trip


Here we are in London getting to know some of the most famous places in the city (and in the World).


This is the second time we’ve been to London this course and this trip was with our teachers and gave us the chance to investigate the history and culture of the city.

We travelled by train and tube which gave us a new view of the city – mixing with Londoners and tourists in this incredible place.


At Kings Cross station. Is this the way to Hogwarts?


We had to research the places before we went and then give presentations at each place, acting as tour guides for our class mates. Some other tourists even started listening to our presentations because they thought we knew what we were talking about!!


Bryony’s class outside the Globe Theatre


The Tate Modern Art gallery – What is art?


Guillerme (Spain): “There are 4.2 million bricks on the front wall of the Tate Rob (Teacher): “Are you sure? I think you should count them!”


View from the Tate to St. Paul’s


Borough market – Not all English food is horrible. Honestly!!

Borough_Market_cake_stall,_London,_England_-_Oct_2008 Underground_Station_Kings_Cross_P1460607borough-market-bread

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