T1 – The first course of the Summer

T1 started on the 22nd June when 24 students from 8 different countries arrived in Cambridge.

They were such wonderful students and we had an amazing 3 weeks getting to know them.


St. Paul’s Cathedral, London. We enjoyed an academic trip to London learning about the history and culture of Britain’s incredible capital city. We went to St. Paul’s, Millennium Bridge, Tate modern art gallery, the Globe Theatre and Borough market. It was a busy but wonderful day!

They worked hard and played hard! Lessons, activities and excursions kept them really busy and when it was time to go everyone was really sad to say good bye to their new friends.


Laura from Spain and Elisa from Italy. They said that they will miss each other a lot 😦

PR010714_724 PR010714_733 PR010714_740 PR010714_751 PR010714_771 PR010714_776 PR010714_794 WP_20140704_010

More pictures of T1 to come…



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