Adventures in London

IMG_1481.JPGOn Saturday we went to London and had a lovely time sightseeing. We visited Greenwich market, Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace.


We had a great boat trip on the Thames, learning about the city’s history and enjoying the cool breeze!

After a visit to the National Gallery and a look around Trafalgar Square, students headed to Oxford Street and shopped till they dropped.


Welcome T3!!!

Our new students arrived on Sunday and have been busy in classes and activities settling into the school. The weather has been beautiful and we’re taking advantage – playing games and exploring Cambridge under the summer sun.

On Monday we had a tour of Cambridge, learning about the beautiful city they are lucky enough to be studying in!

In the evening we had a BBQ at the school, where we played games in the garden and made lots of new friends.


A-maizing Day

Whilst students packed up their bags and left their homestays, those who are staying with us enjoyed a fun mini excursion with Danielle (their favourite staff member!! ;)) at a maize maze.

We got lost, we pretended to be James Bond and we eventually left the maze after finding all the flags.

But the fun didn’t end there…

There were zip wires and bouncy castles and even a water balloon fight!


We had a lovely day bonding and are all excited to meet our new classmates tomorrow and begin a new course…Here’s to T3!

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